Goodat: Coming soon!

At the beginning of this year I had, as many Final Year students do, the daunting task of finding a job. What perhaps made this task so daunting was that I really didn’t know what I wanted to do and, perhaps more significantly, what I could really offer a potential employer. I was told that the skills I have gained from my degree offered me many career paths but the questions I had were 1) What exactly were these skills? 2) Did I really possess them? And 3) Who is interested in these skills?

These are the questions that Goodat, seeks to answer.

A few months ago I met Ehoussoud, Founder and Director of Unbiaz Ltd., to collaborate on a research aspect of my final year project. Since then I have had the pleasure to work as an ambassador and advisor for his business.

Unbiaz Ltd. is currently developing an app called Goodat, an employability skill-based quiz app. The aim is to develop a fun and competitive tool that is both entertaining and useful. Users are tested, with questions of increasing difficulty, to help them ascertain their ability in transferable skills such as problem solving, communication and team working. This allows users to truly reflect on their skills and choose a career path that capitalises on their strengths. In order to do this, the vision for Goodat is comprised of three steps: game, set & match.

Game: Users take place in quizzes of increasing difficulty against opponents on a variety of transferable skills such as problem solving, communication, analytical skills, organisation and team work.

Set: Users set their profile to include their qualifications and interests. Users can consider their own objectives as well as the expectations and requirements of potential employers. Furthermore, users can compare their performance to others in the Goodat community.

Match: Goodat works its magic. Three areas contribute to your recommended roles; your profile, filled in to include details including your qualifications and hobbies, your industrial awareness (to be explained in more detail below) and your Goodat test scores.

Another aspect of Goodat, that we are particularly excited to be developing is the Industrial Awareness section. “So what makes you interested in our company?” or “Why this industry?” – these two questions are almost always asked in interviews and outside knowledge of the company, and the industry you’re in, transforms your answer from average to exceptional. The Industrial Awareness section of Goodat takes well-known companies, principles and current affairs from your industry and tests you on them each week. This ensures you’re up to date on those “nuggets of wisdom” and ready to dazzle in your interview. Furthermore, it’s another way of determining whether you’re truly interested in your chosen sector.

At this point we’re developing the specification of our MVP. We’ve had two focus groups with some incredible students that have helped us steer our vision and we also sent out a survey that gave us another great boost (81% of you said you’d be interested in an App like Goodat!). One way we’re driving Goodat forward is by building a partnership with the Careers Service at The University of Bath. Furthermore, as well as contacting larger graduate employers we’re approaching local start ups. This allows us to celebrate and invest in the entrepreneurship in Bath and also allow us to offer students internships and placements in challenging and dynamic environments.

Goodat is at a really exciting point in its development and we’d love to hear your ideas and opinions. Furthermore, any support at this stage is greatly appreciated! If you would like to get in contact email


2 thoughts on “Goodat: Coming soon!

  1. I can ‘t prevent from coming here from time to time to see how simple you’ve explained what we are doing.
    Thanks a lot Hannah for your invaluable collaboration.


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