SipaBoards Air

My first project profile is on Slovenia-based SipaBoards. They’re currently on Kickstarter and, after only 2 days, they’ve been funded 40% of their $100,000 goal. I was drawn to write about this project because I love watersports (it’s what skiers do when the snow’s melted) and I love great design and this product definitely epitomises both. Furthermore, their website ( has a gallery section which is an absolute dream when it comes to putting together a blog post.


The Balance Air is designed for moments of serenity

The SipaBoard Air is a self-inflating paddle board. Easy to transport, easy to setup and with the three shape profiles, it’s also easy to ride. The defining aspect of this product is self-inflation, however, as is emphasised in the video, SipaBoards have gone beyond this with respect to the design. I love the magnetic switch feature because, just as when Apple implemented the magnetic charging port, it shows the product to be refined and sophisticated down to the last detail. Furthermore, the leash doubles as a carry strap which is so ideal. Carrying these bad boys to the water is such a drag (ayy) and if you have tiny t-rex arms, like I do, then this feature will probably change your life.


Absolute winner including a picture of a cute dog. Straight in my blog post.

It’s these additional aspects to the design which makes the product so innovative. While the price is slightly eye-watering for a student, if you ever plan to invest in a paddle board then this is a serious competitor among both inflatable and solid boards. Furthermore, if you need any more convincing check out Andrej’s fabulous facial hair features at the end. Strong effort all round.

SipaBoards have 58 days lefts to reach their funding goal. Check them out here.

Disclosure: None of the images used in this blog post are my own, they are property of

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